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Done for You Virtual Marketing Pricing Plans


    I CREATE and get you started on your Digital Platforms.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Set-Up: 1-3 Social Media/Digital Marketing accounts
    • Create a Schedule for posting on Social Media
    • Create Content for posts (15)
    • Set-Up Email System and Auto-responder
    • Create 1 Survey, and create 1 Quiz for your services
    • Create a Data-base for contacts
    • Create a Landing Page
    • Create a Lead Tool (ebook, audio book, or work book)
    • Create a Video Promo Ad
    • This plan is a ONE TIME, Getting Started Package Plan

    I MANAGE your email automation and planned content.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Create and manage surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms
    • Edit and distribute your video/photo content into media post
    • Post 10 items of content on your existing social media acnts
    • Manage/update your customer database
    • Provide you with end of month analytics and metrics report

    I ORGANIZE & IMPLEMENT tools and systems to help you grow.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Create a system for posting on your existing Social Media ac
    • Create and post 15 content messages on your existing Social
    • Organize your existing email and auto-responder system
    • Organize database into categories, opt-ins, and un-subscribe
  • Digital Tool Kit

    Every month
    I CREATE Your Customized Digital Tool Kit
     7 day free trial
    • What's Included in Your Digital Tool Kit:
    • A fully customized landing page
    • Your own special web-link address
    • Updates and edits available (4 per year)
    • *Stand out from others by adding a customized YouTube Video
    • *Video ads are an additional fee. See H.H. Promo Videos
    • *A set up fee may apply for pages with more than 2 sections.
  • H.H. Promo Videos

    I MAKE Videos. Custom made promoting your skills & services
    Valid for one week
    • Created and edited videos highlighting your business
    • You are the star of the show
    • Prepared for publishing on Youtube, Facebook, and your site
    • Stock footage and/or royalty free music included
    • Revisions are always included
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