Mandatory Downspout Disconnection


Mandatory Downspout Disconnection


Did you know that the City of Toronto has made it mandatory for all residential properties to have downspouts (drain pipes) disconnected from the underground sewer systems?


December 3, 2016, was the deadline for your area (phase 3), to disconnect the downspout from your roofs' drainage system, and redirect the water flow onto the ground surface. This is to reduce the amount of stormwater entering the sewer system which is an important step in reducing the risk of basement flooding.


The bylaw is now in full effect and is enforceable. The City can issue fines for non-compliant properties.








Are you disconnected? Let us help.


12 Gates Property Services hires reliable and qualified contractors in your area to provide you with eaves trough cleaning, installation, and repair.  We will extend your downspout a minimum of 2 meters (or 6 feet) away from your home's foundation to avoid seepage into the weeping tile system or your basement walls.


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Be informed. Read more about Bylaw 629-20