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As the ice and snow starts to melt this Spring, it is very important to protect your vacant property from the unexpected.

Take care of any exterior drainage and water systems to prevent major issues. From your roof, the melting snow and ice begin streaming through the gutters and downspouts taking dead leaves, twigs and other debris along with the flow. Problem arises when there becomes an overflow, backing up, creating possible damage to your house. Gutters must be kept clear of debris, and downspouts should drain away from the home to prevent water from seeping into the foundation and causing basement flooding. After the thaw, you do not want to experience pooling in your yard, especially near to the foundation.

Inspect your exterior doors and windows. Considering the extreme weather temperatures that we experience in Ontario, there is no guarantee that the caulking and sealants around your doors and windows are able to survive another season. Check for cracking or lifting that could become an entrance for unwanted air or moisture leaks that could lead to drafts, mold, or access for uninvited pests.

Leaving a home alone for an extended period of time comes with risks. That is when you need the professional services of 12 Gates Property Services to attend to your property as it sits vacant or unoccupied. Book for a Free Consultation for our All-in-One Maintenance Strategy today!


Visit us at or call us at 647 345-3456 to request a free consultation.

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