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The Vulnerability of a Naked Property:

The risks and issues a property is faced with when left vacant for an extended period of time.

When a situation arises when you must leave your home or investment property vacant for an extended period of time, it’s important to protect it from the potential of damage, burglary, or vandalism. A home left unoccupied for 30 consecutive days or more is how most insurance companies define as vacant. Let’s look at the many risks and issues that a vacant home may experience during your absence.

Vandalism: Graffiti and intentional damage done to the vacant home can occur the moment an outsider suspects that a home has been unoccupied for an extended period of time. Some “street artists” look for the chance to have a new canvas to express themselves. There is no need for your property to be host to the next masterpiece.

Theft: Anything on the interior or exterior of your property is at risk of theft sometimes regardless of there being a security alarm system or not. Once an alarm company has been notified of an intruder, there is often enough time delay where a skilled burglar could break in and take a significant amount of personal property within minutes. Alarm systems work best on an occupied property as opposed to a vacated one.

Weather damage affecting: roof, flashing, gutters, decks, windows, foundations etc. Due to the effects of the sun, snow, ice, frost, rain and wind.

Moisture issues: dampness can easily encourage the growth of mold, a fungus.

Leaking toilets, faucets, and pipes: A very subtle leak, drip, or dribble may seem normal, however, continual water flow can lead to high water bills, water damage to floors and walls, and possible mould and rotting.

Pests: Cockroaches, mice or other pests. The importance of effective pest control cannot be overstated. Pests are looking for an opportunity to take over an empty or unoccupied property.

Wood destroyers: There are the seen, and also the unseen pests that requires proactive maintenance. The principal types of wood-destroying pests are termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and bark beetles. They come in and quietly have a feast behind your walls.

Physical deficiency: Windows, doors, and skylights naturally lose energy efficiency with age. Resulting in heat loss, drafts, condensation, and frost causing cracks, mould, and financial loss. When left unattended, these normal deficiencies accelerate within a shorter time frame.

Heating/cooling issues: Failure to change out HVAC filters on time will place undue strain on individual heating and cooling components which will eventually stop working properly or fail altogether. These must be inspected and changed regularly.

Squatters: Usually if there is an alarm system in place, any unwelcomed guests will be deterred from seeking shelter at your home. However, in cases where the power goes out, or unsecured areas on the property such as the garage, shed, or back yard steps to the cellar. These are areas where a squatter may make themselves at home in an effort to keep warm and dry at the mercy of your vacant property.

Leaving a home alone for an extended period of time comes with risks. That is when you need the professional services of 12 Gates Property Services to attend to your property as it sits vacant or unoccupied. With regular property inspections, maintenance and upkeep, removal of newspapers, flyers and mail. We are your eyes and ears working on your behalf.

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