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Is Anybody Home?

Protecting Properties As They Sit Vacant

When it comes to property damage due to fire, weather damage, theft, vandalism or tenant damage; the good news is that most property insurance policies cover these issues under Property Damage Coverage. However, the bad news is that if a house that has been left alone and vacant for too long and it faces the risks of vandalism, theft, broken windows, criminal activity, and a host of other issues. After being vacant for 30 or more consecutive days, with most insurers, a property will receive no coverage as the entire policy becomes void.

There are steps you can take to protect your property and make it less appealing to thieves vandals as it sits vacant:

  • Install security cameras with video surveillance, and even more importantly display signs and window decals indicating that the property is well protected.

  • Install sensor lights to maintain a well-lit area when activated by motion

  • Ensure that all gates and fences are locked and have controlled access.

  • Even if the house is vacant, and all occupants had moved out, it is necessary to maintain internet services to be able to connect security cameras with battery backup and store recordings, and for offsite monitoring.

Leaving a home alone for an extended period of time comes with risks. That is when you need the professional services of 12 Gates Property Services to attend to your property as it sits vacant or unoccupied. With regular property inspections, maintenance and upkeep, removal of newspapers, flyers and mail. We are your eyes and ears working on your behalf.

Book for a Free Consultation for our All-in-One Maintenance Strategy today!


Visit us at or call us at 647 345-3456 to request a free consultation.

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