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Your Neighbor Is Costing You Money!

How rundown, and poorly maintained properties in residential neighborhoods cause Market Depreciation.

When you first decided to move into your home many years ago, one of the important factors in your decision process was the appeal of the neighborhood. It is often a deal breaker if you discover that the neighbors next door are loud, and obnoxious. Equally true is when there is even a single property, anywhere on the street, that is poorly maintained, run-down, and simply an eyesore. Seeing that near your house is when you say; “there goes the neighborhood!”

It becomes everyone’s problem when a vacant property, left for 30 consecutive days or more, becomes subject to the risks and issues often experienced when left alone.

As simple as the accumulation of junk mail, flyers, and newspapers near the front door which could be kindling for fire if someone walking by and inadvertently tosses a cigarette butt on the ground. A pile up of leaves, tree branches, and yard debris can accumulate and cause damage to drains and sewer systems. A blockage to the drains can cause backups that affect the water main on the street and everyone is affected.

As time goes by and it starts to become evident to the public that there is nobody home, the property can become a target for theft, vandalism, squatters, and of course various pests.

While all this negative activity is going on in your neighbourhood, you decide that you want to sell and move away from it all. Don’t expect to get top dollar for your perfect pretty bungalow. The market value of your neighbourhood may be lowered by a single ugly property that sits alone attracting flies. You could just imagine how values are lowered with a few vacant properties in the area.

According to the Appraisal Institute, a bad neighbour could potentially reduce your home's value up to 10%. The same is true for nearby commercial buildings and empty shops.

This is why vacant property management, also known as property preservation, is critically important for any property that will be sitting vacant for 30 or more consecutive days.

Leaving a home alone for an extended period of time comes with risks. That is when you need the professional services of 12 Gates Property Services to attend to your property as it sits vacant or unoccupied. With regular property inspections, maintenance and upkeep, removal of newspapers, flyers and mail. We are your eyes and ears working on your behalf.

Book for a Free Consultation for our All-in-One Maintenance Strategy today!


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