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The 12G Away from Home Snow Removal System™ That Protects Your Property While You Are Away!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Q: Why do I need my driveway cleared when we won’t be there anyways?

A: Homeowners and property owners could face fines if snow is not removed

That’s right. In the City of Toronto, and in most cities and municipalities, the fine for not clearing snow from a private property is more than $135 (in fines and surcharges). Residential property owners are not only responsible for clearing their own private driveways, they are also responsible to clear the public sidewalks that are adjacent to their property within 12 hours (24 hours within Durham, York Region, Peel) of a snowfall.

Let’s not forget the fire hydrant. It is the responsibility of the property owner adjacent to the fire hydrant, to remove snow and ice and keep it clear of obstructions and to allow for easy access for fire or maintenance personal.

A commonly asked question is, “how do we to determine the 12th hour?” Property owners should clear the snow promptly after a snowfall, or during a lull between storms. It is a waste of time and energy to be shoveling during the storm and it is wise to wait until the snow and the wind settles down. It is within 12 hours after that calm when the municipality expects compliance to the bi-law. During back to back snow storms, everyone needs to use their best judgement

Freezing rain and ice storms need attention also, the application of salt or sand to sidewalks immediately after rain or a freeze cycle is important to reduce the slipperiness on your driveway and sidewalks. CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) is best for de-icing, and sand is suitable to give surface traction. During extreme cold temperatures, sand alone will freeze and clump. It is best to apply de-icers just before a snowfall to minimize ice buildup.

Leaving a home alone for an extended period of time comes with risks. That is when you need the professional services of 12 Gates Property Services to attend to your property as it sits vacant or unoccupied. With regular property inspections, maintenance and upkeep, removal of newspapers, flyers and mail. We are your eyes and ears working on your behalf.

Book for a Free Consultation for our The 12G Away from Home Snow Removal System™ today!


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