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Property Site Inspections Done Safely

How MPAC is Taking Safer Steps to Protect the Community and their Employees During COVID-19

Although we are currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business and organizations have reopened their operations, however are doing so with new precautions and safety protocols in place. This is how MPAC (The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) is protecting the community while gathering information needed to set property tax rates:

  • Wherever possible, they will not conduct on-site property inspections, and instead will collaborate with municipalities to access digital building plans.

  • Only exterior property inspections are taking place during this time

  • Digital and curbside document exchanges take place.

Where there are still situations where on-site property inspections are necessary, they have taking the following steps:

  • New guidelines and training have been put in place to protect employees and customers.

  • Personal protective equipment is worn.

  • There remains no contact with property or property owners.

MPAC remains focused on safeguarding our communities while delivering the accurate assessments municipalities need in order to collect taxes and focus on their recovery efforts.

Oseye Cohen, A.I.M.A Real Property Administrator 12 Gates Property Services

Cell: 647-641-5568

Office: 647-345-3456

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