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How Long Can a Property Be Left Vacant?

By Oseye Cohen

This depends on the location and type of property. Most insurance policies classify properties as vacant from day 30 being left alone and unoccupied. If you carefully read the fine print in your policy there is most likely limitations on coverage after day 31.

From a maintenance point of view, during the spring and summer seasons a property can be left vacant for a few months before it starts to show signs of deterioration. However, it is important to keep in mind that some areas have laws or regulations in place that may limit the maximum amount of time a property can be left vacant. Additionally, certain types of properties, such as rental homes, may require regular maintenance and upkeep even when unoccupied. It is best to research your local laws and regulations regarding vacant properties to ensure that your property is in compliance.

At 12 Gates Property Services, we manage properties for developers, investors, and homebuyers. Our full-service management program includes regular visits to vacant properties to ensure safety and security of the home and its surroundings. "How long can a property be left vacant?" Is a common question we hear from our clients, and “how often does my property need to be visited?” This is an important question as a vacant home that isn’t being cared for by a homeowner or tenant can be put at risk of vandalism, squatters, overgrown lawns, and other dangers. In order to ensure your property remains safe while it is vacant, we recommend completing routine site visits at least once per week during the period of vacancy.

Oseye Cohen, A.I.M.A

Property Administration Strategist

12 Gates Property Services:


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