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Navigating Vacant Property Insurance: Don't Risk These Costly Consequences!

By: Oseye Cohen

The consequences of not complying with insurance requirements for vacant properties can vary depending on the insurance policy and the specific circumstances. However, here are some potential consequences that may arise:

  1. Loss of Coverage: Insurance policies often contain vacancy exclusions, which means that certain damages or incidents that occur in vacant properties may not be covered. If a property is deemed vacant and a claim is made for damages that fall within the vacancy exclusion, the insurance company may deny coverage for those damages. This can result in the property owner being responsible for covering the costs of repairs or losses out of pocket.

  2. Limited Coverage: Even if coverage is not completely lost, insurance policies may impose restrictions or limitations on coverage for vacant properties. This means that the property owner may receive reduced coverage or face higher deductibles for certain types of damages or incidents.

  3. Voided Policy: Some insurance policies have specific time limits on how long a property can be vacant or unoccupied before the policy becomes null and void. If the property remains vacant for longer than the specified time limit, the insurance policy may be canceled, leaving the property owner without any insurance coverage.

  4. Increased Liability: Without proper insurance coverage, property owners may be held personally liable for any damages, injuries, or accidents that occur on the vacant property. This can result in significant financial burdens and legal consequences.

  5. Non-compliance Penalties: In addition to the potential loss of coverage, insurance companies may impose penalties or fines for non-compliance with the requirements for vacant properties. These penalties can further add to the financial burden for property owners.

It is important for property owners to understand and comply with the insurance requirements for vacant properties to ensure they have adequate coverage and protection. Consulting with an insurance professional or reviewing the specific policy terms and conditions can help property owners understand their obligations and avoid potential consequences.

At 12 Gates Property Services, we specialize in protecting properties as they sit vacant, with site inspections and routine maintenance keeping them in top condition until they are ready to be occupied again. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Regular site inspections: Our team performs routine inspections to identify any potential issues such as broken windows, leaks, or signs of vandalism. By catching these problems early, we can quickly address them and prevent further damage to the property.

  • Maintenance services: We offer a range of maintenance services to keep vacant properties in top condition. This includes lawn care, snow removal, and general cleaning. We can also provide repairs for minor issues such as broken locks or damaged doors.

  • Security measures: We understand the importance of keeping vacant properties secure. That's why we offer a range of security measures, including alarm systems, security cameras, and regular patrols by our team of professionals.

  • Emergency services: In the event of an emergency such as a burst pipe or severe weather, our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency services. We will quickly address the issue and take steps to prevent further damage to the property.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive property protection services to our clients, giving them peace of mind knowing that their vacant properties are in good hands.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help protect your property. Request a free consultation and get More Info visit

12 Gates Property Services ~ Experts in Vacant Properties PROTECTING PROPERTIES. MINIMIZING LOSS

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