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Why Do Vacant Houses Deteriorate So Quickly?

Vacant properties usually start deteriorate shortly after being unoccupied. Why? There are several factors, however, there are 3 main reasons: Lack of maintenance, severe weather conditions, and unwanted pests.

Firstly, without regular maintenance, natural elements can cause wear and tear on the building and on the landscape of the property. For example, ice build up on the side of the roof can cause damage to the gutters, or to the roof itself. When the home was occupied, the heat is usually on at a comfortable temperature that gives comfort to the residents, and also to the structure of the house.

Secondly, extreme weather, such as heavy rain, snow or ice storms, over time can cause roof damage, mold, wood rot, peeling paint, and other damage to the house. Plumbing issues such as water sitting in toilets, pipes and basins can freeze during cold weather events and cause potential flooding. A house standing empty, unattended and unsecured over time, can result in exterior and interior structural damage.

The third reason why deterioration happens quickly is because unwanted guests like animals that can enter an unoccupied house and cause damage to the structure and interior finishing's. Left unchecked, these properties can attract cats, roaches and mice which are pests that can cause potential health problems for future or returning occupants. Trespassers are other unwanted guests and vandalism can occur when a house is left unoccupied, leading to broken windows, graffiti, and other damage.

Do you own a vacant property? If you don’t want to return to it one day to see your investment falling apart, and possibly causing an environmental threat to the community. It’s time to manage that property effectively. We specialize in managing vacant properties so they look their best and stay in good condition until you are ready to sell or rent. Our property management services include:

  • Grass and grounds maintenance

  • Housekeeping

  • Removal of debris

  • Removal of large appliances, vehicles, and other unwanted large objects on site.

  • Roof and wall repairs

  • Hazard & Debris removal

  • Repairs & Restoration

  • Winterization / Plumbing

  • Lock changes

  • Toxic mold removal

  • Securing swimming pools

We have the ability to help you avoid issues of deterioration with Vacant Property Management Services that will keep your investment safe until it can be put back into use.

Oseye Cohen, A.I.M.A Property Administration Strategist

12 Gates Property Services ~ Experts in Vacant Properties PROTECTING PROPERTIES. MINIMIZING LOSS

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