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Property Preservation Checklist


FREE Property Preservation Checklist

When a property is left vacant for more than 30 consecutive days, there are certain precautions required to protect and preserve the home from damage, deterioration, and potential fire hazards. The following is a checklist of areas of concern to maintain and protect properties from most common and costly problems.

Site Inspections


Sample Site Inspection Report

Our Field Reports are thorough and easy to read. We provide you with the information you need to make faster and more accurate decisions for each property and being able to identify their unique needs. Review a Sample Property Inspection Report and gain a better understanding of the quality and presentation of our reports, designed to help you do your job better.

Field Reports


Request for Mortgage Field REPORTING Services

A field inspection is for the purpose of gathering information about a residential or commercial property to gain a good understanding about its well being, or the status of a delinquent mortgage borrower. The inspection may involve a brief drive-by, a thorough investigation, or a short interview with the property owner or occupants. As an independent field inspector, we are your eyes and ears for your company to help you make better and more informed decisions.  

Request for Preservation Services

Residential Housing Complex

Request for Property Preservation Services

Request an estimate for your property in need of preservation and maintenance. Services include:

☐ Condition Report

☐ Mortgage Field Inspection

☐ Tenant Services

☐ Property Maintenance
☐ Residential Cleaning Services

☐ Commercial Cleaning Services

☐ Handyman Services
☐ Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

☐ Project Management 

Find out how much rent you can get for your property...Regardless of it's current condition.

  • Learn how much your home could rent for

  • Discover how to maximize your profitability.
  • Find the right service that will help you meet your goals
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