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As a Property Owner, what you need is a Property Management Company that can be there, when you can’t.

We are your eyes & ears, providing professional, hands-on, All-in-One property services.

A Professional Property Management Company focused on increasing your investment returns, and making your life easier.

Landlords and Property Investors want their Property Management Company to be reliable and easy to work with, to help make their business run more smoothly.


At 12 Gates Property Services, we help Property Owners, Landlords, Real Estate Investors, and Mortgage Lenders by protecting your investment properties and minimizing financial loss.  We will be happy to be of service. Please contact us, schedule a consult, or book one of our services today.

Services for Landlords and Real Estate Investors:

Residential Property Management

Unlike the typical property management company that will find tenants and collect monthly rents, but fail to deliver on property maintenance and improvements. 12 Gates Property Services is a professional property management team. Our day to day operations includes: 

  • Promoting and advertising your property

  • Showing property and screening of prospective tenants

  • Credit checks

  • Administration of lease in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

  • Collection of monthly rents

  • Disbursements of collected rents to Landlord

  • Customer Service

    • Receiving tenant calls and inquiries

    • Regular communication with tenants

  • Maintaining Physical Integrity

    • Hiring contractors or trades workers from time to time as required

    • Complete the 12G Maintenance Checklist Prior to Tenanting 


Vacant Property Management

We work with vacant properties due to power of sale,  evictions, abandonment or death. We look at the unique needs of each property and do all that it takes to bring them to a marketable condition, and manage them for maximum curb appeal. Utility re-routing and payment, property securing, repairs, renovation, along with comprehensive reports and status updates.

Property Maintenance

The 12G Maintenance System: Our unique systematic approach to maintaining the integrity, function, and appeal of every property with minimal expense. We establish property efficiency providing a well-maintained, high-service property that can command top market value or premium rental rates.

Rental Unit Cleaning

After one tenant moves out, we make each unit move-in ready for your next tenant…beautifully.

As a property manager, your full-time maintenance staff don’t have much time for cleaning up apartment units in between tenancies. That is where 12 Gates Property Services becomes your partner in helping you during busy turnover periods. 

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