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We protect properties while they sit vacant with All-in-One Property Services: maintenance, restoration and presentation of residential properties, helping you to rent or sell faster. Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one free consultation that will help you find the right solution to help manage your property as it sits vacant.

There are many different reasons as to why a property could be left vacant for an extended period which includes: Homeowners travel for most of the year. A rental property is in need of extensive repair after a bad tenant. An elderly homeowner passes away without a will, leaving the property behind. Or possibly a long and messy divorce process leaves a property sitting alone until issues are settled. Whatever the situation is, our Vacant Property Management services are customized to meet your needs.

Mortgage Recovery & Site Inspections

A field inspection is for the purpose of gathering information about a residential or commercial property to gain a good understanding about its well being, or the status of a delinquent mortgage borrower. The inspection may involve a brief drive-by, a thorough investigation, or a short interview with the property owner or occupants. As an independent field inspector, we are your eyes and ears for your company to help you make better and more informed decisions.  

Our Residential Property Management services supports landlords who own residential single family, duplex, and triplex properties in Toronto, and throughout Southern Ontario. We provide short term, long term, and as-needed property management services to help you stay in control of your real estate investments.

Renovation Services

Usually in between tenancies, or after the purchase of an investment property in distress, there is a need for renovation or home improvement to help with the presentation and marketability to potential tenants, or home buyers. We provide small repairs or fix ups through to complete top to bottom home renovation services giving your property a fresh start. 

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Norm Abel, Norman Abel Real Estate

‘Oseye at 12 Gates Property Management team works hard to ensure that their clients are taken care and satisfied. As a Realtor I need to know that I can count on things getting done properly, the first time. If things are not taken care of, it can cost me business and more importantly income. I'm happy to say that Oseye and her team do a good job. In addition to doing a good job, She's pleasant and professional. All in all, I'm happy with the services I've received from 12 Gates Property Management and that they did an amazing job!’

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