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We are your partner in helping you during busy periods.

Dear Residential Landlords,

12 Gates Property Services is a property management service provider that is reliable and easy to work with. We help make your life and business run more smoothly by taking away your extra workload of dealing with contractors and service providers. Your productivity increases because you no longer need to do it all by yourself.

​Our team of local service providers performs hard and soft landscaping services and maintenance for your grounds, thorough interior cleaning services for your rental units, and general construction: electrical work, repairs, improvements, and restoration. Our all-in-one property services, allows you to focus on the immediate needs of your tenants and other unexpected issues.

Book a free strategy call with us for solutions that are available for your unique needs.

12 Gates Property Services

Reporting Services:

Property Maintenance Activity Reports

  • Detailed reports that provide you with enough information to track work orders completed on each unit, and help with planning future budgets with the Board.

  • Tracking and reporting of completed work orders

  • Identifying and advising of safety hazards on the property and the necessary steps to correct them

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Preventive Maintenance Management

  • Reduce maintenance costs with our Preventive Maintenance Management schedules.

  • Protecting key property assets with proactive maintenance.

  • Assigning and scheduling professional service providers for maintenance and repair events.

Other Property Management Services:

Financial Report

Property Administration

Laminate Wood Floor

Rental Unit Restoration

Hardware Tools

Handyman Services

Construction work planning

Project Management

Restoring and updating rental property:


At 12 Gates Property Services, our job is to restore the appeal and integrity of each unit after one tenant leaves in preparation for the next one.

- Removal of debris
- Repairs & Restoration
- Aromatherapy
- Painting
- Minor to major construction renovations
- Grass and Grounds maintenance
- Housekeeping

12 Gates Property Services hires highly experienced technicians and trades workers with different trade skills as it relates to maintaining residential properties. Our service team of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors provide general maintenance and repair services to residential and commercial customers.

Our administration services include:

Comprehensive report writing; Residential room by room condition evaluations and photos, insurance procurement, inspection reports, and other as-needed documentation of occurrences.

On-site supervising, hiring, scheduling, and overseeing contractors and service providers. Site inspections, and construction progress reporting. Costing and purchasing of materials and supplies for each construction renovation project.

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