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Show Well to Sell Well

At 12 Gates Property Services, they offer All-in-One property services to support Realtors in preparing properties for sale in the Toronto market. Services include painting, repairs, light fixtures upgrades, and yard clean-ups to enhance property appeal. This helps Realtors focus on selling while ensuring properties show well to potential buyers or tenants.

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At 12 Gates Property Services, we understand the challenges Realtors face when preparing properties for sale. That's why we've meticulously designed our property services to provide comprehensive support, enabling Realtors to sell more houses faster without the burden of managing contractors and service providers.

We serve as your partner in handling all aspects of property preparation, including light renovations, minor to major repairs, cleaning, landscaping, and pre-staging for your listings.

With our hands-on, professional All-in-One property services, you no longer need to shoulder everything alone. We provide you with the time and freedom to focus on selling, while we take care of the rest.

Show Well to Sell Well - Painting and Decorating Service:

  • Professional painting to refresh walls and ceilings, providing your property with a clean and modern appearance.

  • Minor handyman repairs to address issues like squeaky doors, loose tiles, or leaky faucets.

  • Upgrading light fixtures to add style and brightness to the space.

  • Yard clean-ups to enhance the curb appeal of the property.


By combining these services, we can help you revitalize your property without breaking the bank, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.


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