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You want a Property Management Company to be reliable and easy to work with, to help make your life and business run more smoothly. At 12 Gates Property Services, we help homeowners, investors, realtors, and landlords by protecting properties and minimizing financial loss. We are your eyes and ears, providing professional, hands-on, all-in-one property services.

Unlike the typical property management company that will find tenants and collect monthly rents, but fail to deliver on property maintenance and improvements. 12 Gates Property Services is a professional property management team. Our day to day operations includes: maintaining physical integrity and implementing property improvement systems of properties while vacant. We offer Property Administration, Property Preservation, Reno's, Mortgage Field Reporting, Cleaning and Landscaping Services.

Ultimately, anyone invested in real estate in the GTA wants to receive a positive cash flow, and see his/her property appreciate in value over time. 12 Gates Property Services will work with you in realizing your properties best potential and maximize your return on investment. 


Our main clients are mortgage lenders/investors that are concerned with reducing the amount of non-performing loans in their portfolios due to default that include mortgagors/tenants in breach of:


• Falling into arrears on their mortgage loan.

• Failing to arrange adequate insurance on the property.

• Failing to pay property taxes.

• Failing to maintain the premises in a reasonable state of repair.




12 Gates Property Services provide support services for those invested in real estate. With integrity and care, we provide solutions for growth and prosperity. Our mission is to serve the Canadian real estate market by providing a wide range of support services designed to minimize financial loss and maximize cash flow, to ultimately realize the best potential of every property.


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