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Vacant Property Management

A residential property might find itself unoccupied due to a variety of unexpected situations: extended travel, divorce, a family bereavement, or financial difficulties leading to potential foreclosure due to mortgage payment challenges. Irrespective of the circumstances, our commitment remains unwavering – we ensure the preservation and upkeep of your property's integrity during periods when you're unable to do so.

The Implications of Owning a Vacant Property in Ontario

Owning a vacant property in Ontario comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of these implications to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations. Schedule a free consultation that will walk you through: "Mastering Vacant Property Ownership in Ontario: Your Comprehensive 12-Part Checklist and Expert Consultation Guide"

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Insurance Implications:

Insurance policies for vacant properties may be more expensive and may not cover certain damages or losses.

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Property Value Depreciation:

A vacant property can cause neighboring property values to depreciate due to the negative impact it has on the neighborhood's overall appearance.

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Increased Risk of Vandalism:

An unoccupied property may attract vandals or squatters, which can lead to property damage or theft.

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Ensuring compliance with the stipulations set forth by your Insurance Company or Mortgage Lender is of paramount importance, particularly when the property remains unoccupied for a duration exceeding 30 days. It is during this vulnerable period that a vacant property is at its highest risk and demands safeguarding.


Our services includes:

  • Property Protection: We implement scheduled maintenance that factors in seasonal variations and weather conditions.

  • Thorough Inspections: Routine site inspections and drive-by assessments are conducted, both as part of regular checks and in response to weather-related factors or urgent circumstances.

  • Site Visits for Security and Maintenance Validation: We personally inspect the property to verify its security measures and overall upkeep.


We are dedicated to assisting you in fulfilling your insurance requisites, reducing the likelihood of denied claims resulting from unmet policy criteria. Through consistent property visits, we ensure that you remain compliant and informed about any arising concerns.


As a property owner, it can be stressful to leave your home vacant for an extended period of time, whether it's for a vacation or due to an investment property waiting to be occupied. That's where Away From Home Property Services come in to help ease your worries.

With services such as home monitoring support, collection and forwarding of important mail and packages, grass and grounds maintenance, housekeeping, and inspection and reporting services, you can rest easy knowing that your property is being taken care of while you're away.

In addition, winter services are also available to protect your property during the colder months. These services include winterization and plumbing, automatic snow removal, salting and de-icing services, debris removal, site inspections, and security monitoring response. You'll also have unlimited snowfall and freezing event coverage, as well as 24/7 weather monitoring and email reporting.

No matter your unique needs, away from home property services can provide the necessary support to protect your property while it sits vacant.


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Property Preservation

Property Preservation is the action taken to preserve and protect a property. The act of the property preservation is intended to prevent or lessen deterioration of the property that may result from vacancy, abandonment, or the neglect of a bad tenant.


12 Gates Property Services examines the unique needs of every property and creates a maintenance plan to increase the well-being and value of the property. Routine property preservation services can restore the overall physical integrity of a property, necessary to command more in cash flow and overall return on your investment.

Protecting Your Property

Emergency Repairs


We offer Preservation Services tailored specifically for vacant properties. Whether confronted with the unpredictable forces of nature or facing deliberate acts of intrusion, our expert team is dedicated to swiftly addressing and mitigating damages. We specialize in restoring property integrity, minimizing financial strain, and ensuring your vacant property is promptly brought back to its optimal state, offering you peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

Freezing Event Maintenance


Our dedicated team specializes in both proactive routine maintenance and rapid response to unexpected weather events. From snow removal and de-icing to ensuring proper insulation and preventing freezing-related issues, we ensure your property remains secure and operational throughout the cold season. Count on us to safeguard your property against the challenges of winter weather, providing you with reliable and efficient solutions to weather-related situations.

Grounds Maintenance


We strive for curb appeal for your vacant property, even during extended periods of vacancy. Our team is committed to ensuring that your property's exterior remains pristine and inviting. From regular lawn care and landscaping to managing foliage and maintaining pathways, we take proactive measures to enhance the visual appeal of your property. Trust us to keep your grounds well-manicured, creating a positive and welcoming impression that contributes to the overall value and marketability of your property, no matter how long it remains unoccupied.

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Pay-Per-Clear Snow Removal


Our flexible Pay-Per-Clear Snow Removal service tailored specifically for vacant properties. We understand the unique needs of unoccupied premises during winter, which is why we offer an on-demand solution. Whether it's a sudden snowstorm or routine clearing, we swiftly respond to ensure your vacant property's accessibility and safety. Our efficient and reliable approach ensures that you only pay for the snow removal services you use, providing you with cost-effective and hassle-free solutions to keep your property winter-ready without any unnecessary commitments.

*Please note that on-call spaces are limited and this service is currently available only for vacant properties located in Scarborough East, Pickering, and Ajax, Ontario.

Other Property Preservation Services:

  • Grass and Grounds Maintenance: Regular mowing, trimming, and landscaping to maintain the property's appearance and curb appeal.

  • Housekeeping: Cleaning and tidying the interior of the property to prevent dust buildup and maintain a presentable environment.

  • Removal of Debris: Clearing and disposing of debris, leaves, and trash to keep the property clean and safe.

  • Removal of Large Appliances, Vehicles, and Unwanted Objects: Removing and disposing of large appliances, vehicles, and other unwanted items on the property to declutter and enhance its appearance.

  • Roof and Wall Repairs: Inspecting and repairing any damage to the roof and walls to prevent leaks and further deterioration.

  • Hazard & Debris Removal: Identifying and removing potential hazards and debris that could pose safety risks or cause damage.

  • Repairs & Restoration: Conducting necessary repairs and restoration work to maintain the property's structural integrity and functionality.

  • Winterization / Plumbing: Preparing the property for winter by insulating pipes and shutting off water sources to prevent freezing and plumbing issues.

  • Lock Changes: Changing locks and securing entry points to prevent unauthorized access and ensure property security.

  • Toxic Mold: Identifying and addressing toxic mold issues to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

  • Securing Swimming Pools: Installing barriers and safety measures to secure swimming pools and prevent accidents.

  • Pest Control: Regular inspection and treatment to prevent infestations and minimize damage caused by pests.

  • Window and Door Boarding: Securing and boarding up windows and doors to prevent unauthorized entry and further deterioration.

  • Electrical and HVAC Maintenance: Checking and maintaining electrical systems and HVAC units to ensure safety and prevent damage.

  • Graffiti Removal: Removing graffiti and vandalism from exterior surfaces to maintain the property's appearance.

  • Lawn Aeration and Seeding: Improving the health and appearance of the lawn by aerating and seeding as needed.

  • Fencing Repair: Repairing or installing fences to enhance security and privacy on the property.

  • Exterior Painting: Applying fresh paint to the exterior surfaces to protect against weathering and maintain a well-kept appearance.

  • Sump Pump Maintenance: Ensuring the proper functioning of sump pumps to prevent flooding in basements.

  • Window Cleaning: Cleaning and maintaining windows to improve visibility and aesthetics.

  • Septic System Maintenance: Regular maintenance of septic systems to prevent backups and ensure proper functioning.

  • Exterior Lighting: Ensuring exterior lighting is functional to enhance security and visibility around the property.

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Maintenance: Checking and replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safety.

  • Gutter Cleaning: Regular cleaning of gutters to prevent water damage and clogs.

  • Chimney Inspection and Cleaning: Inspecting and cleaning chimneys to ensure safe operation and prevent fire hazards.

  • Grading and Drainage Maintenance: Ensuring proper grading and drainage to prevent water accumulation and foundation issues.

Schedule an appointment to discuss the particular needs of your property and for a comprehensive property preservation plan, ensuring that the property remains in optimal condition and retains its value during periods of vacancy.

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