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Vacant Property Management

Vacancy due to mortgage default, evictions, abandonment or death.



Protecting and preserving properties by minimizing your loss due to deterioration and potential damage.


At 12 Gates Property Services, we maintain the physical integrity of each property with maintenance services, on a routine, or as needed basis. Hiring contractors, licensed trades workers for minor to major repairs


• Residential cleaning
• Emergency and Handyman repairs
• Landscape Maintenance: Snow Removal / Lawn Care
• Aromatize and Pest Control

• Toxic mold cleaning
• Winterization/Plumbing 
• Debris Removal 

• Eavestraugh and roof maintenance
• Seasonal Maintenance Inspections 
• Drive-by Inspections


Mortgage Default Recovery Services


• Property securing and reporting 

• Property inspections

• Occupancy checks and tenant verification, evictions

• Allow access 

• Utility re-routing and payment

• City Bylaw and Standards Compliance  
• Debris Removal and storage of abandoned chattels
• Drywall, painting, electrical, plumbing repairs 
• Lawn care, cleaning, and snow removal services 
• Pool draining & securing 
• Property Condition Reports 
• Vehicle Removal 
• Winterization 


Construction & General Repairs: 

  • Lock changes

  • Renovations face lifts; fix ups, major and minor repairs for the purpose of selling at top market value.

  • Removal of large appliances, vehicles etc

  • General construction: repairs, improvements, and restoration.

  • Plumbing: Leaking pipes, toilets, draining and other issues that require repair.

  • Other Contractor Services: Power washing, hazardous debris removal, electrical, masonry work, waterproofing, decks/fences, securing pools, etc.

Property Preservation

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Mortgage Recovery Services

Vacant Property Management Services

All in One Property Services
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Ask us about: The 12G Maintenance System © Our unique systematic approach to maintaining the inte grity, function, and appeal of every property with minimal expense. 

Property Management:


  • Promoting and advertising rental property

  • Showing properties and screening of prospective tenants

  • Credit checks

  • Administration of lease in accordance to the Residential Tenancies Act

  • Collection of monthly rents

  • Disbursements of collected rents to Landlord, property utilities, taxes,

      maintenance, etc

  • Customer Service

       -    Receiving tenant calls and inquiries
       -    Regular communication with tenants
       -    24/7 Emergency line
Residential Property Cleaning (Post Renovation/Construction)


  • Removing all construction debris

  • Vacuuming window sills, door jambs, and closet tracks – wherever sawdust gathers

  • Sweeping, and mopping all dirt from the crevices of the new flooring

  • Wiping and polishing of all fixtures, faucets, mirrors, and vanities

  • Carpet cleaning: dry or shampooing carpets to remove embedded soil and dust.

  • Window cleaning, pressure wash treatments

Tenant Services 


  • Demand Letters – Preparation/Serve 

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes: Application for rent arrears, eviction of a tenant carrying on illegal activities or persistently late payment of rent.  

  • Prepare/Serve Notices to Tenants: N1 Eviction Notices, Attornment Rent, Release of Attornment

Property Administration: 


  • Tax Recovery Consultation: Reviewing and researching for possible errors on the Property Assessment Notice which may lead to possibly challenging the Assessment Notice or Tax Bill through Appeal at the Assessment Review Board. 

  • Property Tax Appeals: Develop valuation arguments; prepare reports, and representing clients at the Assessment Review hearings.  

  • Preparation of annual financial statements for Canada Revenue Agency or Non-Residency Tax Filing  












Mortgage Field Services

At 12 Gates Property Services, we provide Mortgage Lenders with field reports that gives you the information you need for your success in managing loans, and maximizing cash flow.  We provide timely reporting services that include interviews, inspections, and verifications of collateral.

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