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Water Supply Contractor



Role: Field Inspector

Job Overview: An Independent Contractor that visits vacant residential or commercial properties to complete site inspections and general debris removal.


Scope of the job:

  • Site visits take from 15 to 30 mins to complete (Residential), and up to 60 mins for commercial/industrial space.

  • Visits are best completed at random times, 2-3 times per week

  • During each visit, a checklist of tasks are to be completed  

    • Tasks could include:

    • A walkabout to identity and report on any safety issues, damages to the property, maintenance issues, sounds, odours, and unusual activity (such as squatters, vandalism, graffiti etc.)   

    • Removing litter and debris from around the perimeter of the property

  • Internal and external inspections

  • Take photos and making comments on issues of concern


What is required?

• A face mask and rubber gloves (COVID-19 Policy)

• A smartphone/tablet with data

• A reliable vehicle is required.

• A flashlight

• Safety boots (for industrial spaces or construction sites)



Properties could be located anywhere in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Residential or commercial properties.



Contact us by completing the form below and indicate your rate for Residential (15-30 mins), and Commercial/Industrial properties (30 mins+) per visit for locations within a 15 km radius. Indicate your rate based on one week of visits (3 times), and your location.


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