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Whether it be long term or short term, our Lawn & Grounds Maintenance services protect the health and beauty of your property during any season of the year.

Spring Clean Ups.png

Spring Time Yard Cleanup:

One time clean up:

  • Raking out fallen leaves and dead foliage

  • Prepping damaged lawn areas for spring seeding - Pruning trees and hedges of dead and damaged

  • Neaten up hardscape surfaces – walkways and patios

  • Repair or removal services of badly rotted or damaged fences and wooden boards are also available

Lawn Care | Spring/Summer Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance: 
Grass cutting season: May 1 - October 31
  • Automatic grass cutting and trimming for 6 months

  • Edging, hedge trimming, weeding, trimming, and raking.

Cedar hedges planting and maintenance.
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Also Available:
  • Mulch installation
  • Aerating
  • Dethatching
  • Fertilizing
  • Resodding & seeding
  • Shrub & tree pruning
  • Shrub & flower planting/transplanting
  • Garden maintenance
  • Landscape design
  • Leaf cleanups
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A natural alternative to fencing: Cedar Hedges 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Absorbs sound
  • Maintains privacy
  • Rapid growth
  • Lower installation cost compared to fencing
Cedar hedges planting and maintenance.


Our team of local service providers performs hard and soft landscaping services and maintenance for your grounds. Call us for any Landscape and Stone Work needs: 
Repair/Installation of:
o    Brick, Stone, or Block Wall
o    Retaining Wall
o    Landscape Curbing
o    Interlock Surfaces

FENCING | Repairs and Installation

Maintaining your wood fence on a regular basis helps to protect it against the elements and last for longer. Repairs are needed due to holes or crack damage, rotting, mold, termites, shifting soil or changing climate conditions.
We provide:
  • Staining/painting 
  • Power washing 
  • Repairs/replacement of wood panels
  • Wood Gate Repairs
  • Weather proofing
Cedar hedges planting and maintenance.

FALL CLEANUP | Fall/Winter Maintenance

The best way to prepare your property for Winter is to clear away all dead leaves, twigs, and other debris. If left behind, they could cause damage not only to the lawn, but also to the foundation to the home. Our Fall Cleanup services protect properties with:
One time clean up:
  • ​Fall cleanup (removal of leaves and dead weeds)
  • shrub and hedge trimming
  • tree trimming/removal
  • stone fence repairs/installation
  • other custom work available
Eavestrough cleanouts

EAVESTROUGH CLEANOUT | Fall/Winter Maintenance

Don't let leaves and debris cause water damage, ice damage, roof and other major problems to your home.


Have your eavestroughs/gutters cleaned out to prevent clogging and overflow before the snow and ice falls this winter.


WINTER TREE PRUNING | Fall/Winter Maintenance

Did you know?
The roots of the red pine go fairly deep into the ground and are widespread; this means that the tree can withstand strong winds without blowing down.

PROTECT YOUR TREES, because they are protecting you!

The fast-growing pine tree can outgrow its surroundings and shape if not pruned.  Improve their appearance, promote safer and healthier trees with regular pruning.

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