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Property Management Services

For the Long Distant Landlord


EYE ON IT.  Services for the Remote Real Estate Investor

Are you purchasing or considering selling an investment property within the Toronto or surrounding area? We can help.  12 Gates Property Services will represent you and your interests in your real estate investments located within the Toronto and surrounding areas. We provide reporting services to keep you informed, allowing you to make decisions remotely.

Services for Remote Investors:
•    Proforma cash flow analysis report
•    Manage appraisals and inspections
•    Facilitate closings (Delivery/pick up of documents, keys, etc.)
•    Provide monthly reports and phone calls
•    Follow up communication
•    Conducting in-person visits and inspections
•    Be your Power of Attorney
•    Procurement of Insurance
•    Property verification and neighbourhood analysis reports
•    Non-resident tax services
•    Provide you with No-Hassle Management

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