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12 Gates Property Services is a professional property management team. Our primary role is to provide Landlords, Property Managers, and other individuals with investments in real estate with support in managing their properties. Our property administration services includes comprehensive report writing; Residential room by room condition evaluations and photos, Insurance procurement, Inspection Reports, Current Value Assessment (CVA) Analysis and Property Tax Valuation Appeals for Assessment Review Board hearings, Preparation of annual financial statements for Canada Revenue Agency, and analysis and abstractions of lease for the purpose of implementing revisions. Our day to day operations includes: maintaining physical integrity and implementing property improvement systems. 

We support landlords and property owners in disputes related to evictions, unpaid rents, security deposits, and unlawful occupants as applicable to provincial legislation. Rent Collection and reporting, legal documents prepared and/or served. 

Ultimately, every real estate investor wants to receive a positive cash flow, and see his/her property appreciate in value over time. 12 Gates Property Services will work with you in realizing your properties best potential and maximize your return on investment.   


Property Preservation is the action taken to preserve and protect a property. The act of the property preservation is intended to prevent or lessen deterioration of the property that may result from vacancy, abandonment, or the neglect of a bad tenant.
12 Gates Property Services examines the unique needs of every property and creates a maintenance plan to increase the well-being and value of the property. Routine property preservation services can restore the overall physical integrity of a property, necessary to command more in cash flow and overall return on your investment.
Preservation Services:

  • Grass and Grounds maintenance 

  • Housekeeping

  • Removal of debris

  • Completing roof repairs

  • Hazard & Debris removal 

  • Removal of large appliances, vehicles etc.

  • Repairs & Restoration

  • Extermination

  • Winterization /Plumbing

  • Lock changes 

  • Toxic mold

  • Securing swimming pools

Anything that can be done to maintain or increase the well being and value of the property could be categorized as property preservation. Routine property preservation services can include grass cutting, bush trimming, replacing broken windows, changing locks etc.

AWAY FROM HOME Property Services

We offer away from home vacant property management services for extended absences. We are your eyes and ears, providing custom tailored services to your unique situation based on your individual needs while you are away.


Property Services Include:

  • 12G Maintenance Program: In order to maintain the physical integrity and well-being of each property while sitting vacant, we initially perform a 12G Maintenance Inspection which provides you with an overall analysis of the condition of your property.

  • Security Camera Installation: We install home security camera systems and mount sensor units at your property, allowing you to view and monitor your property smartphone, tablet, or computer while you are away.

  • Home monitoring: We will provide a physical presence at your property in the event that your security company contacts you with an emergency situation.

  • Eavestrough cleanout and fall cleanup

  • Grass and grounds maintenance: Lawn care and snow removal

  • Removal of debris: Grass cuttings, leaves, and debris that blows onto your property. 

  • Housekeeping: Light dusting and sweeping to relieve property of cobwebs and dust accumulation.

  • Winterization/Plumbing: Prior to the winter season, we will winterize your property to protect against damage caused by weather and the elements.

  • Inspection Services: Site Inspections and Drive-By inspections are performed routinely or as needed based on weather conditions or emergency situations. We will visit your property from time to time to confirm the security and overall maintenance of your property.

  • Reports: Updates and images of your property in the event of major/severe weather conditions or events that may cause an impact on your property. (Useful for insurance claims or for your records)


Eye on It Investor Services – For the Long Distance Landlord


Are you purchasing or considering selling an investment property in the Toronto or surrounding area? We can help.  12 Gates Property Services will represent you and your interests in your real estate investments located within the Toronto and surrounding areas. We provide reporting services to keep you informed, allowing you to make decisions remotely.


Services for Remote Investors:


  • Proforma cash flow analysis report

  • Manage appraisals and inspections

  • Facilitate closings (Delivery/pick up of documents, keys, etc.)

  • Provide monthly reports and phone calls

  • Follow up communication

  • Conducting in-person visits and inspections

  • Be your Power of Attorney

  • Procurement of Insurance

  • Property verification and neighbourhood analysis reports

  • Non-resident tax services

  • Provide you with No-Hassle Management


We provide Mortgage Lenders with beginning to end processing and management of your mortgage secured investments by protecting properties and minimizing further loss. Our system is designed to provide you with timely recovery services that include: Field reports, Current Market Value reports, Occupancy verification, weekly Realtor sales progress reports, and other as needed information or status reports based on client guidelines and request. 

Specialized reports which include information needed for lenders to begin the recovery process. Our reports are fast and accurate specialized to the needs and requirements of each lender.
Management reports customized to each client’s specifications. This could include neighbourhood information, occupancy inspections, construction status, written correspondence and notification with borrower/tenant.
Field Services:

  • Construction Progress Reports

  • Delinquency Interviews

  • Drive-by Inspections

  • Occupancy Determination

  • Occupancy Verification

  • Site Inspections

  • Interview Inspection

  • Insurance Loss Inspections



Did you already start a project in renovations or construction of a residential property, and you are not able to be on-site to monitor the progress? We Create a project plan with cost targets and decision, provide on-site supervising, hiring, scheduling and overseeing contractors and service providers. Site inspections, and construction progress reporting. Costing and purchasing of materials and supplies for each construction renovation project. We work with your existing contractor's or will hire new ones as needed to complete the job in a timely and productive manner.


At 12 Gates Property Services, we help in the restoration and presentation of residential properties. Renovating your home to update surfaces, fixtures or other aspects of your property to modernize and increase the resale value of your property. This includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.


Renovation services include:


  • Trim, millwork and carpentry

  • Stone and tile work

  • Installation of flooring, ceilings, framing. drywall

  • Complete kitchen and washroom renos

  • Certified contractors

  • Fully insured  


We provide general maintenance and repair services to residential with certified, licenced, and highly experienced trades workers and technicians skilled at maintaining the integrity of residential properties.


General handyman services include:

  • Painting

  • Minor drywall repair

  • Wall tile installation

  • Carpet, ceramic, and vinyl flooring repair/installation

  • Lock replacement

  • and other types of repairs and installations


We provide various residential cleaning services for in between rental units, preparing for sale, and after construction renovations.

  • Basic clean sweep    

  • Move out/move in cleaning services.

  • Pre-Staging Cleaning & Repairs

  • Post Construction Clean Up

  • Detailed cleaning & light repairs


Residential lawn care that includes one time, or as needed grounds care, as well as weekly or monthly maintenance.


Services include:

  • Lawn cutting, trimming, edging, and removal of clippings

  • Tree pruning/tree planting

  • Eaves-trough cleanout, downspout disconnect

  • Storm Water Management / Rain Garden Maintenance

  • Fence repairs

  • Interlocking stonework

  • Snow removal

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